About us

Davyin - Drupal companyProgramming Software is certainly not our final goal and as much as we value internet technologies, what we love above all is being part of your projects! We specialize in the internet with an emphasis in online technologies and are eager to discover new ideas on the web. However, our true motivation relies in our collaboration with our customers, bringing your ideas and our technical expertise of the web together to give life to your projects.

Our focus

As having an online presence has become increasingly important, we position ourselves as a trustable and reliable partner to build your online projects. By advising you all along your project and bringing to your attention critical technical matters, we are able to develop a relationship based on transparency and understanding. Setting up each project’s key success factors, allows us to ensure your goals and functional expectations are met.


We build websites that our clients can manage in-house, by using Drupal the world’s most flexible and powerful open source content management software. Its many features and add-ons allow it to be used for a variety of website needs; from small marketing solutions, corporate websites or internal communication systems to social community purposes, Drupal can easily be adapted to any organization’s needs.


Having acquired a substantial experience in web development, we know there is more to creating websites than just drawing shapes and graphics on design software. That’s why we chose to cover a wide scope of technical requirements our customers could face launching online solutions: from design, to web development, online marketing or hosting, our fully featured services and solutions combined to our experienced project management processes, are giving us the ability to focus on your ideas and insight to elaborate a global online strategy specific to your project.


Considering Open Source as part of our company strategy and long term positioning, we closely follow development standards and best practices to promote accessibility and creation of websites optimized for search engines.


The company

Davyin Internet Solutions is a professional and dynamic web-agency with an emphasis on technical skills, internet marketing insights and commitment to the open source community. It perfectly combines a deep knowledge of programming and design with a full understanding of online marketing strategies.


Davyin Internet Solutions was founded in 2007 by David Suissa, a French programmer who studied IT in one of the leading engineering schools in France. Expert in information and communication technologies, David along with his Chinese team work together and combine their cultural differences and technical skills, opening many doors to both local and international markets.


Today, we are proud of being able to bring high quality Open Source in China and work on high scale projects.


Our values and philosophy

open source developmentWe are perfectly aware of the benefits of using Open Source software and our passion for the web drives our efforts towards contributing back to the community and Open Source projects such as Drupal. Like many other Open Source projects, Drupal is maintained by a community of developers constantly updating and extending the project’s features making it highly reliable and up to date.


We believe using these technologies is good for our clients. By choosing to use open source solutions you invest in the open source community and by doing so, you ensure, as hundreds of other companies, the evolution of the technology you’re based on, without waiting for the next major updates of some proprietary solution.


As open source solutions are mostly free, our clients do not spend their money in software licenses, but in high quality services to build, install, train and support a solution tailored to their needs. Relieved from the stress of solving every technical issue, we are able to better focus on our clients’ specifications.
In return, we dedicate ourselves to this cause and actively take part to different open source projects by providing testing, updates or new features.


Our development team actually takes quite a lot of fun testing and playing around with different modules for research and development.


Investing in people’s passion and creativity, we keep our knowledge up to date which enables us to produce such high quality IT solutions integrating the latest internet technologies (up to our internal testing protocols –browser compatibility, user experience, seo compliance, w3c compliance, etc…).