ADEN Services - Corporate Website


Client needs

Thanks to successful offline marketing strategies, ADEN Services has been able to build a strong brand image on traditional marketing materials. After assessing the changes to make to its online marketing strategy, ADEN Services set the redesign of its website and online platform as a priority. Furthermore, previous website, not making use of current modern technologies, contained more than 100 HTML pages, including 35 News pages which were very heavy to change and not practical at all since it required strong IT skills for every little change to the site's content. Therefore their approach was to find a time-saving and cost-effective solution that would allow for much more flexibility and extensibility.



Collaboration with Davyin

The project was lead entirely in collaboration with their IT and Marketing departments whose professionalism and reactivity allowed us to provide accurate updates and be sharp on deadlines which was very important to their internal validation process. ADEN Services teams having had numerous experiences working with other companies on different projects, Davyin’s project manager’s communication was made easier by setting up regular back-and-forths and validation meetings to ensure the project carried along smoothly and without delay.



Our approach & Solution

We started from a consulting perspective and managed to get a deep understanding of their industry, services, and philosophy. This analysis helped us transfer their values and image to the internet. For instance, even though ADEN Services is an international firm, previous website failed to bring this international aura to the internet through the basics of international standards.


The first step of improving ADEN Services’ online image was to rework completely the online visual identity, and create well structured website architecture: Based on their internal organization, 6 main sub websites / sub domains were created, each of them being related to a different activity or service.



Key features

  • The website is organized as a multisite structure with sub-domain organized by services, allowing a better service identification through brand segmentation: Better marketing identification. This strategy is commonly employed by large groups and corporations such as Alstom or Wikipedia.
  • Targeting both local and international firms: ADEN Services needed to address companies worldwide and therefore needed a website in multiple languages – an internationalization interface was setup (I18N interface: Multilanguage management) to help translation of any content in any language on any section of the website.
  • ADEN Services’ main request was perhaps to be able to edit any part of the website, and be able to have a non-tech savvy user manage site-wide content in different languages. The Drupal Content Management System proved once again to be the perfect match for such a demand, along with languages and other development requirements. To make things easier, the back office was centralized so that all 6 sub-websites are managed through the same back office interfaces.
  • A rich graphical user interface: Creating a website that is not only efficient or built on one of the best CMS-structure, but also visually appealing and eye-catchy, is how Davyin’s development team embraced this project as a challenge up to our standards.
  • The look and feel was dramatically enhanced and very particular attention was given to animations and accessibility. Therefore, some popular tools such as the lightbox (Graphical effect that appears in front of the visited page without opening any other window or tab) or custom javascript jqcyle on the homepage and remote site page (fading images on the different Home page sections and ADEN Services Around the world) were used to reach a perfect combination in terms of SEO, accessibility and design.
  • The Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) setup package of our online solutions was implemented on the website: from URL-rewriting and XML Sitemap to Meta tags, the whole website is built according to W3C requirements and ADEN Services can now benefit from a good organic search engine optimization as well as prepare to step further onto online marketing campaigns with maximum efficiency and return on investment.




ADEN Services’ website is a good example of a successful online brand identity redesign: on top of its user-friendliness and graphical appearance, it gathers most of the key aspects a corporate website should feature. More than contributing to a successful exposure of ADEN Services’ professional image online, their website now offers huge possibilities for future development. Davyin Internet Solutions was glad to be given the chance to bring ADEN Services’ online marketing and brand image to its full extent.



Technology used:

Drupal, Jquery, CSS, AJAX




Frederic Pailley – Information Systems Manager

I recommend Davyin as a highly reliable partner:
- Transparency, flexibility
- Respect of international standards


Finding a trustable, reliable and qualified web design and development firm in China can be quite cumbersome and a wrong choice could prove to be very costly to our IT infrastructure and company brand image. Among all web development firms, Davyin Internet Solutions appeared to us as being the one that offered the most flexibility and transparency in terms of source code, working process and communication. Furthermore, we were delighted to discover their solutions were up to the best international standards for affordable costs even on the very competitive Chinese market.

January 5th, 2009


Markus Klemt – Marketing Manager China

I recommend Davyin as a highly qualified online marketing partner:
- Reactivity, support
- Design, branding and visual identity


The redesign Davyin Internet Solutions was able to perform on our online visual identity was impeccable. Being standard, professional, visually appealing and user friendly. Thanks to their great customer proximity and reactivity, I was able to make the site’s design evolve the way I wanted, as well as benefitting from their rich insight in user experience, search engine optimization and accessibility. With a fully standard, compliant website, our department is now able to focus on exploiting the full marketing potential offered by the internet and start carrying online marketing campaigns.

January 10th, 2009