Labbrand - Brand innovation


Client Needs

In addition to a complete redesign of its online visual identity, Labbrand website’s content sections had to be further developed, reorganized and enhanced with user-friendly animations.
To fully expose Labbrand’s insights on the web as a major component of their communication strategy, the website needed to utilize many channels available on the web to promote online visibility.
The new website needed to not only achieve great visual rendering or user experience, but also implement the foundation for a sustainable web marketing strategy with strong organic search engine optimization.



Collaboration with Davyin

Having an extensive experience in creative solutions and branding, Labbrand decided to conduct graphic production and design the website in-house in order to reach a visual result that would fully reflect company’s identity.
Design drafts were reviewed by Davyin Internet Solutions’ project manager at regular meetings with Labbrand’s PR Manager and lead designer, which allowed a steady communication between the teams. As the project unfolded with stable releases, Davyin’s project manager was responsible for coordinating the testing and debugging in collaboration with Labbrand’s PR Manager, who led the content input and editing team the content base.



Our Approach & Solution

In addition to building a multilingual content management system with enriched features, reaching a sensible balance between performance, dynamism and search engine optimization was perhaps the most difficult task of the project. In terms of user experience, the site was designed to feature a wide variety of navigational elements and tips were setup around the site to guide visitors through the different sections.
Furthermore, by using the CSS sprite technique we were able to integrate a large number of images and graphics into page layout and reduce the impact on download times.



Key Features

1 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Particular attention was given to search engine optimization by combining a wide range of search engine friendly and compliant components to enable Labbrand to establish and maintain a prominent and sustainable presence online.
One of the most interesting features is perhaps UTF-8 encoded URLs, enabling fully localized Chinese URLs to be input in users’ browsers.
To avoid losing old addresses, a mapping with corresponding new site’s addresses was created in collaboration with Labbrand’s content editing team. Custom 301 automatic redirects ensure users and search engines are redirected to new pages or to the same content but on the new website.
Every URL of the site is listed in the automatic XML Sitemap, which provides a quick and efficient way to keep search engines updated on the evolution of web pages.
Lastly, the website is under constant monitoring through Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.


2 – Brand Source

Labbrand’s previous website had an extensive database of news and blog content items that were migrated and reorganized into a new section called Brand Source.
With a fresh design, slightly different from the rest of the site, Brand Source is an interactive communication platform that combines that combines the following components:
a. Labbrand’s Press Room: News Press Room with print, weblinks and video references. Downloadable PDF articles, online articles and videos on Labbrand can be found in the News Press room along with Labbrand’s latest news.
b. LABReports: Displayed in blocks shaped as small “folders”, the LABReport is a bi-monthly publication of branding insights and case studies.
c. Brand Source: A full blogging system with tags, web links and comments. As more content is added, tags displayed in the tag cloud evolve and display the most important terms more prominently. Visitors are able to engage with Labbrand and give their feedback on articles through AJAX comment forms or simple survey blocks. For users looking for specific content, the internal search engine provides an appropriate way to find the right answers quickly. Finally, visitors are invited to connect with Labbrand on Facebook or Twitter and to stay informed more regularly by subscribing to RSS Feeds or Newsletters.


3 – Flash animation

The Labbrand “Service map” illustrates all the services company provides and it is the most complex animation on the website, requiring the use of Flash to produce a smoother effect. Interactivity was added with ActionScript to control the display of text boxes when the mouse hovers on different regions. The map of services and graphics were originally designed by Labbrand and then integrated by Davyin Internet Solutions with Adobe Flash to produce a dynamic, moving, and growing image.




With its highly visual and dynamic look, the website perfectly blends company services and case studies with a full-fledged content publishing platform: Brand Source. Built with a multilingual system, the website currently offers Chinese and English versions and can be further extended to any number of languages. With better performance, full search engine optimization, Labbrand’s online strategy is more targeted, thus promoting its brand image more efficiently.
Lastly, Davyin Internet Solutions would like to address special thanks to Labbrand for having had the chance to share this experience with a highly professional design expert for the production of this great website.




Denise Sabet – Communication & PR Manager - Labbrand

I recommend Davyin as a reliable partner for website development due to their knowledgeable and flexible team and high production standards. Davyin provided valuable insights for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Management System (CMS), and web design. They integrated our design drafts and produced animations that enhanced the usability of the site and the visual appeal of our brand identity online. The website was also equipped with an easy-to-use back-end platform for uploading new content such as blog posts, case studies, press releases, and more.

January 15, 2010


Vladimir Djurovic – Managing Director - Labbrand

I recommend Davyin due to their knowledge of SEO which ensured our website content was better indexed by search engines. We saw a significant increase in our site’s traffic soon after launch. The Labbrand team is now able to focus on producing high quality content for our site and implementing the next steps of our online marketing and communication plan.

January 15, 2010