Phaenna - E-commerce website


Client needs:

Pheanna wanted to set up an online cosmetics shop which could quickly gain momentum and become a new reference both in terms of website atmosphere and look’n feel, and in terms of products, which they believe were quite unique. They wanted to be able to manage every local transaction and add/remove product if necessary.


Collaboration with Davyin:

Given their situation when they asked for our contribution to their project, we felt like helping them breaking down their website creation into three different steps:

  1. Creation of an online identity, including graphic guidelines, logo design…
  2. Definition of their website structure and organization
  3. Help them settle the e-commerce part of their website by offering different payment solutions that could fit them.


Key features:

  • The different e-commerce features we implemented on their website allowed users to quickly browse, then choose and finally pay the products they want. They can use a shopping cart and add as many products as they want while looking for a new online experience. From a backend point of view, Phaenna can check the product inventory and re-order if needed, and can easily manage the product catalog.
  • A Content Management System is not only recommended, but almost compulsory when operating on an e-commerce website: anytime a new product is added to the database, it has to appear online so that customers can see it and eventually buy it. The content can be easily updated, product prices can change according to promotions, product specifications can be rewritten if necessary... Thanks to Drupal, the whole website is dynamic.
  • Even though Pheanna targets mainly Chinese customers, an English version of the website was requested for a better external communication with potential suppliers. An internationalization interface was setup (I18N interface: Multilanguage management) to help translation of any content in any language on any section of the website.
  • The website design was particularly adapted to the cosmetics industry to convey a feeling of well-being and comfort. From the project kick-off stage to the website delivery, Davyin always tried to keep the design to the expected result, and managed to achieve a tremendous result.
  • The Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) setup package of our online solutions was implemented on the website: from URL-rewriting and XML Sitemap to Meta tags, the whole website is built according to W3C requirements and Phaenna can now benefit from a good organic search engine optimization as well as prepare to step further onto online marketing campaigns with maximum efficiency and return on investment.
  • Once Phaenna makes the decision to launch such a campaign, its online positioning will be affected in a good way, and will enable them to close part of the gap with international cosmetics companies.



Phaenna is a good example of not only a complete e-commerce website, in line with its industry and offered services, but also a clean corporate website which clearly states its mission and objectives. The different features of the website offer a nice experience to its customers and allow easy understanding of the existing functionalities: customers can browse the different sections quite easily, and then shop and pay as they like. Combining the comfort and esthetics of a luxurious beauty center with a highly functional and efficient ecommerce platform, Phaenna is able to respond to any customer in China and increase cosmetics sales.


Tech used:

Drupal, Jquery, CSS, AJAX