StreamWIDE - Next generation telecom services


Client Needs

As a provider of revolutionary and complex technological services, StreamWIDE came to us with the vision of replacing their old website with a brand new web presence that would not only underline the company’s innovativeness but also give the user a comprehensible and transparent overview of StreamWIDE’s services. The company wanted to enhance the design of the website with sophisticated visual effects and smart technology. Most importantly, the site was required to prove flexible, be quickly and easily updated and allow StreamWIDE to maintain the website in-house by providing a simplified user interface.



Collaboration with Davyin

The project started with a meeting between StreamWIDE’s project team and Davyin to pin down the requirements of the website. They outlined their ideas and goals and we contributed our internet know-how and advice. We counseled them on aspects of special attention and gave a concise description how to match the requirements and to translate the goals into features. After settling on a mandatory schedule, we set out to build a customized website while StreamWIDE provided us with visual, written and multimedia content that was to be implemented. Thanks to a close cooperation and direct communication they could pursue the development progress and give their feedback which helped us to instantly react to it.



Our approach & Solution

StreamWIDE’s main stress was on flexibility, scalability and a feature-rich website in line with their profile as a provider of high-end technology solutions. So we sketched out a detailed and comprehensive plan of smart features the website should comprise. The challenge was to interconnect a number of elaborate technologies that would conform to SEO improvements, be simple to maintain, and ensure intuitive usability.
As we established a whole new architecture and animations, we were faced with the challenging task of handling the migration of data from an existing website to the new one. We paid particular attention to StreamWIDE’s need for a scalable website that would allow the addition of more pages and languages at a later date. After providing StreamWIDE with several drafts and a demo we immediately implemented the changes they needed, and in turn launched a fully customized website that completely renewed StreamWIDE’s online web presence.



Key features

1 – Overview of features

Although StreamWIDE’s new website relies on an ambitious and robust Drupal CMS structure with 15 different content types, the website is both easy to maintain in-house and provides an intuitive user interface.
• Javascript animations to support SEO: Drop-down menu bars to ensure an appealing look and feel and accessibility
• JQuery Pictures Fade-in/Fade-out was set up on the Home Page to display rotating pictures of the most important sections of the website;
• JavaScript rewriting of titles and texts into non-standard fonts to allow the website to look different from usual websites with well-known fonts, while staying optimized for search engines
• Possibility to use videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Tudou by a simple tool to add a video URL in the page edit form - many other video providers can also be added
• Block management to easily shift one section to another on the Home Page
• About page with in-page navigation in Partners and Careers sections
• Smooth access to downloadable content in the Media Center
• Focus / banner management with menu list and related node that facilitates linking pages with related content and enhances usability of the website and prevents random links
• Multi-language website: breadcrumbs and URL aliases are built on a robust architecture that allows easy input of content in French, English and Chinese and that could serve as a basis for additional languages


2 – Implementation of Drupal

The website is based on the CMS Drupal which delivers a robust, scalable and flexible architecture. Using this technology, we were able to implement 15 different content types and to create a sophisticated, custom-built web presence that StreamWIDE could maintain efficiently. The Multilanguage features allowed us to create an English, French and Chinese version of the website, all with own URL aliases while easy handling is still guaranteed: The FCK editor – also called WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) – facilitates updating or creating new content. By adjusting the website to Drupal API standards, we have ensured that further modules can be added and that StreamWIDE can profit from the innovativeness of the Open Source community whenever they want to extend the website. 


3 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) setup package of our online solutions was implemented on the website featuring URL-rewriting, dynamic XML Sitemap, Meta tags, etc… The website is built according to W3C standards and search engine friendly guidelines, and will therefore benefit from natural positioning, which was impossible to achieve when the website was in Flash. Meta tags can be independently chosen on each page, allowing a better on-site optimization as people looking for information on a specific project or company will be more likely to directly access project pages.




We kindly thank StreamWIDE for the inspiring and productive cooperation and for choosing us to support them on this exciting web project. The demands at technology posed a welcome challenge for us to demonstrate our technical expertise as well as Drupal’s flexibility and strengths. We enjoyed working together with such a professional company as StreamWIDE and wish them a successful online marketing campaign with their new website at their center.




Regis Rain - Marketing Director StreamWIDE

The content management system Davyin delivered has turned the usual updating of our website from a difficult and hard to manage chore to being quick and simple. The display and showcasing of our services are now highly effective and look attractive in the consideration of our international market. The allowance of future scalability enables us to consider multiple languages and further extension of our site, ensuring that we stay flexible and our online presence ahead of others.
We were also impressed by the search engine friendly platform created by Davyin that strongly contributed to improving our web ranking, even with local Chinese search engines, which exceeds expectations.

March 16, 2010



Technologies used

Drupal, jQuery