Drupal Global Training Day in Shanghai - Intro to Drupal



Join us for this *exclusive* new session of the Drupal Global Training Days in the only venue in Shanghai and even in China.

Make sure you mark down this date!

Saturday, November 15th, 2014, in Shanghai.

FREE OF CHARGE but make sure you bring your laptop and your thirst for discovery of Drupal.

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The training is designed for...

- Anyone who evaluates Drupal or just switches to Drupal.

- Non-Drupalers, even without PHP/HTML/CSS/JS knowledge

- Freelancers

- Webmasters

- Site builders

- Drupal beginners


We hope to raise trainees to a state where they can choose to be Drupal developer, themer, designer, site architect, marketer, engineer, etc… 



  • Basic introduction and overview
    Introduce taxonomy, terminology, blocks etc with case studies.
  • Reviews of core modules and contributed modules
    Install test and check all the functions implemented by core modules. In depth review of modules such as locale and Views.
  • Tutorial to manipulate
    Drupal setup for beginners with tips and notes.
  • Multi-language
    Install and enable language packs.
  • Modules to be enabled
    Must-have modules such as Nice Menus etc.
  • Hosting and Drupal folder structure
    All about structure,platforms, configuration and cloud solutions.
  • Drupal hooks basic module API
    General introduction to field UI, filter module, PHP filter etc.
  • Best practices
    Coding tips and devel modules.
  • Leveraging the community
    Guide on how to get involved.


Drupal training to be found at Davyin and in Shanghai:

Global Training Day

One day or half day training on the basics of Drupal.
Initiated by Drupal Association. Held quarterly.
Davyin organized early since Dec 14th, 2012 till now.

Drupal Workshop

One day or half day local meetup exploring more and deeper into Drupal.
Initiated by Davyin. Held monthly.
David Suissa (the trainer and Drupal preacher in China) and Jack Niu(webmaster of DrupalChina.cn and Drupal preacher in China) co-organized.
Attendees include active(and sometimes not-so-active ) Drupalers mainly in Shanghai. And people from outside shanghai were always greatly appreciated.

Advanced Drupal training

Provided in multiple ways as a stand-alone service to companies/individuals that were working on Drupal projects development in-house.
- Books:  <Think in Drupal> <Drupal 7 开发内部培训资料>etc
- Videos: ninghao.net
- Onsite training: Yaiyuan.com(Laoge’s site), Davyin, to list only a few.


Date/Time, Location and Transportation


- 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Saturday, November 15th, 2014.

- RM 311, Bldg.2, No.900, North Zhongshan Road, Shanghai. At Davyin Internet Solutions office. Map on Google / Baidu.

- Exit 1 North Zhonghshan Road, Line 1. Bus: 47, 69, 129, 252, 309, 706, 829, 849, 869. Directions on Google / Baidu.


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