Graphic and Web design

Davyin Internet Solutions commits to designing visually appealing websites that are also highly functional. Our team of creative graphic and web designers helps you build your visual identity on the internet and bring your communication concepts to life through interactivity and graphic design. We offer web design services to help you communicate better and ensure your website reflects the best image of your business.

The web is a medium with its own rules and designing for it raises many issues such as cross browser compatibility, display on different screen sizes or performance problems. Websites are interfaces with which users interact to perform various actions. Therefore, having a simple, intuitive and user friendly site is vital. Web design also has an impact on how search engines see your site. A search engine friendly website design can improve tremendously your site search engine’s optimization. Our graphic & web design and technological insight allows us to build websites that are not only beautiful but also user friendly, W3C compliant and search engine friendly.



Our value

At Davyin, we pay particular attention to service and that’s what makes us different from other web design agencies. Our communication skills ensure your ideas are correctly interpreted and illustrated by our designers. Whether you already have a full design or just a vague idea of what you want, we are able to build or modify your layout step by step. Thanks to the great flexibility we put at your disposal we are able to build together great custom designs that exactly match what you need. A good web page design should convey feelings based on many constraints such as the audience you’re targeting, your industry, your positioning strategy on the market, etc… Our team of experienced innovative designers will analyze your needs to capture the essence of your image and reflect it in the context of the internet in which you wish to be positioned.


Whether you’re looking for a professional look and feel for a corporate or small business website or for a complex community website, ecommerce, promotional website to advertise events, or simply redesigning your site, we have the skills and experience to guide you through the best options for the type of website you would like to develop. Since we know the way you picture your website might change throughout the web project, we have learned to adapt and modify a layout as you envision it. By making conceptual designs, sample drafts and rounds of revisions, we gather your precious input and make your design evolve in the direction you want.


Our expertise in the web goes beyond the visual aspect of your web site. We have learned to exploit web design to be user friendly and usable or to increase the indexing of the keywords on your site. We help you benefit from the maximum of capabilities the internet has to offer.



Beyond designing...

Interactivity: User friendly web design

A website is an interface with which users can interact. By adding Flash animations, or Javascript effects, Davyin enhances the aspect of your site while keeping it functional. Your website becomes dynamic and peaks the interest of your visitors who find your site pleasant to the eye and easy to browse. Each web design needs to be balanced between esthetics and usability. We consider that a user friendly site should at least feature a user friendly navigation and content. Our insight in user experience and usability allows us to advise our customers on how to integrate user friendly elements into visually rich designs.

Visibility: Search engine friendly website design

Although Flash is not considered harmful to your site’s SEO and can still be optimized for search engines in some ways, building a website completely in Flash is probably not the best option if you’re looking for a good site’s SEO. You can have more informations on this website.

Standards: W3C Compliant web page design

A search engine friendly web design can bring more exposure to your website and give you more visibility over the internet. It is part of a long term strategy to drive more traffic to your site. We build designs in respect of the W3C standard which makes search engine’s indexing work more efficient and accurate. By leveraging the power of CSS and valid HTML we build tableless page designs that are not only W3C compliant but also easier to maintain and more flexible. On top of that we help you improve click-throughs by setting useful HTML header information such as page titles, metas description and keywords on all your pages.

Compatibility: Browser friendly web designs

Designing for the internet involves understanding of new constraints that are different from other Medias. Different screens with different sizes or resolutions will not have the same visual rendering or your site. Since a web page is not interpreted the same way by different browsers (Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer) on different platforms (Mac OS X, PC – Ubuntu (Linux) PC – Windows XP) it needs to be tested before it is opened to the public. We help you test and optimize your web design for every platform, screen or browser to ensure your site will convey a feeling of trust and ease of use to all of your visitors.



Creating a web design is a complex process that involves not only creativity but also a great expertise in web technologies. Starting from draft images we identify and build the overall concept (and look and feel) of your site. Then, we assign different elements on the page design to be integrated to Flash or HTML/CSS according to your long term strategy whether it’s to have a user friendly website or search engine friendly site. We add a final gloss to your site by enhancing its dynamism with flash, Javascript, AJAX animations, widgets and interactions.

The result is a high quality web design that ensures you can make the most return of your investment and that your strategy on the internet is sustainable.