Multilanguage and Localization

Because we always feel more comfortable reading content written in our mother language, any localized web content presented to your users will take an undeniable advantage. Reaching users at a more intimate level gives a tremendous ascendant when it comes to building online communication or ecommerce sales campaigns and convincing your target visitors.



Stakes and benefits of localization and content translation

Having a colorful multi-cultural background and team (Chinese, English, French, etc…), at Davyin Internet Solutions, we have known for long the stakes and benefits of localization and content translation. Since we are actually confronted everyday to working with different languages and cultural differences, we are fully aware of the issues raised by having multiple cultures and languages coexist in a single system or content architecture.


For this reason, Davyin Internet Solutions has setup a wide range of comprehensive tools and services covering all your website localization and translation needs. We are able to deliver large-scale, complex website localization projects, as well as quickly turning around website content updates, no matter how small they may be. Whether just translating content and text, under its simplest form, or completely reworking site’s visual identity, vocabulary, organization, etc… under its most complex form, we provide localization at different levels, tailored to your requirements.


The centralized production model we setup coupled to our rigorous in-house project management enables us to handle a rich variety of website localization projects including, cutting-edge Web 2.0 applications, dynamic e-commerce portals, and static HTML, Flash or rich-media sites. On top of that, we wouldn’t be at the edge of website localization and translation if we didn’t offer Internationalization services. As we want your business to grow and reach different geographic targets, we build our websites according to I18N and L10N, W3C standards to provide a quick, cost effective and systematic approach to localizing websites in any language.


Here is an overview of what we exactly do:

Building multilingual, international websites:

Software translation has always been a delicate task depending on many variables such as technology used, target translation languages, regional differences, etc… Indeed, content translation needs to be assessed at many levels when implementing a multilingual application, for instance: character encodings, date formats, weight units, or currency. These issues require the application to be designed to receive translated content and in most cases software code needs to be modified and even sometimes completely reprogrammed to make it translatable. 


On the Internet, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recommends using methods introduced by the Internationalization (I18N) standards. Complying with these methods doesn’t only ensure the quality of our code is up to the best international standards, but also that websites we build are readily translatable into any language. Furthermore, Creating websites entirely in the UTF-8 encoding standard , guarantees any set of character and language can be displayed on a web page (Chinese, English, Korean, Russian, etc…), which is a great relief for us requiring Chinese, French and English content to be displayed on the same website. Translation management interfaces are part of the tools that we implement to help our customers maintain important amounts of multilingual data.


Translation and localization:

Approaching a specific region requires more than software and technical skills; it requires a global strategy involving many parameters such as knowledge of target culture, understanding of local content delivery networks, etc… From basic things such as choosing the right hosting location, to a complete localization revamp going through redesign of website’s brand identity and symbols, our team of web specialists has the expertise to walk you through each stage of your website translation projects.


In simple cases, translation of text, pages and menu items are enough to enable visitors from different countries to understand site’s content. But in some complex situations, we faced challenges adapting images, colors, fonts and symbols to be interpreted correctly by native visitors. Most importantly, taking part to your translation projects enables us to develop a consistent and global strategy covering a wide range of our online services.



Our position in China:

In addition to Davyin’s international profile, combining Chinese and Western cultures, our position in Shanghai China allows us to stand as a highly qualified website localization and development firm for web projects involving East Asian languages. In fact, we are thrilled to be at the center of online cultural exchanges and acting on both sides to facilitate translation of Western websites to Chinese languages and vice versa.


Bringing together our ability to actively communicate in several European languages and our knowledge of the Chinese online market, we position ourselves as your trustable website localization partner in China.
Furthermore, making use of Open Source technologies, we can guarantee full transparency to our customers on the source code of their projects.


Davyin Internet Solutions offers web development and localization services based on the leading Open Source content management system (CMS) , Drupal, which provides a perfect architecture to comply with Internationalization and Localization standards (I18N and L10N). Drupal does not only support UTF-8 and different character encodings (Chinese, English, Korean, Russian, etc….) at every level (DB, PHP & Client side) of its framework, it also provides complete control over translated content through global content management administration interfaces allowing complex multilingual teams of writers and editors to efficiently update website’s content in different languages.


Leveraging Drupal’s amazing flexibility, we build custom multi-language management tools enabling our customers to control and administer every single aspect of their websites, such as design and themes, menu items, blocks, comments, form labels, static text labels, etc... Offering numerous possibilities of expansion, we truly believe Drupal to be a great technical asset to efficiently build, manage and maintain websites with in large number of languages.



As part of the Chinese Open Source community, we advocate the use of International web standards (I18N and L10N) and consider each multilingual website we build as a contribution favorable to multicultural exchanges. The internet is perhaps not such a wide world after all.