jQuery development, ajax development, jquery programming, ajax programmingjQuery, the JavaScript framework that can enhance your website by adding effects, widget and powerful features. HTML is usually said to be a static language in the sense that it does not really provide any way of adding interactivity to a web page. Indeed, it is complex and depends on technical constraints that will usually lead to choosing different solutions on the market. Flash is already widely spread and allows adding interactivity very easily to a website. However, it has drawbacks such as not being search engine friendly or too heavy to load in some cases.

The other common alternative is Javascript. It doesn’t offer as much flexibility or graphical rendering quality as Flash but it is lighter and comes in very handy in most cases. Moreover, Open Source Javascript libraries, having fixed the tedious browser compatibility issues, have opened the door to sustainable enterprise level programming based on different JS frameworks or sets of applications.


About jQuery

Jquery is one of the most popular libraries currently available. It is lightweight and provides enough functions to cover most of simple and complex or common needs. It is very easy to learn and has a large community of users that contribute to the forum and the support base. On top of that, Jquery integrates perfectly with Drupal, the CMS Davyin usually works with, which makes it the perfect asset to bring dynamism to a web site.


Jquery offers widgets, effects and tools for different applications. Simple things are usually where jquery comes in best. Tooltips are very handy and it’s a very simple thing to add to guide visitors through the site. On the Next Step Directory, we used jtooltips interfaced with Drupal to generate tooltips automatically.


Here is a quick list of some popular widgets Jquery offers: picture galleries, slideshows, drag and drop, effects like fader and scroller, form widgets, inline edits, custom scrollbars, etc…



What interactivity brings to your projects

Interactivity brings your website to life but it is hard to achieve. Wrongly positioned dynamic elements will go unseen, obtrusive popup boxes will make users upset, heavy scripts have an important impact on site’s performance and will slow down the site, etc… We have developed the experience to guide our customers to the best options under particular constraints. Depending on the targeted audience, languages, the industry, network conditions, etc… Davyin will adapt animations, effects, to help you bring the best interactivity out of your website.



More about jQuery

This graph point up the growing of queries about jQuery, compared to its main competitors : YUI (Yahoo! User Interface), GWT (Google Web Toolkit) and Ext (a.k.a extJS)




Who uses jQuery ?

The list of companies using jQuery on their IT projects point up the usefulness of this JavaScript framework. Here are some of them:

Who uses jQuery