Search Engine Optimization

Since search engine optimization has become a major component of today’s online marketing tools, Davyin Internet Solutions has developed highly-effective and affordable solutions to answer your SEO needs. Whether you’re planning on a long term strategy for a large ecommerce platform or just simple SEO for your company website, we have the expertise to build sustainable search engine optimization for any website.



SEO does not start with consulting but with adapted technical solutions 

Internet Marketing is a vast and complex field in web technologies that encompasses search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). Davyin Internet Solutions specializes in building technical solutions for SEO. We help you prepare your site for long term online marketing strategies such as advertising campaigns and achieve sustainable ranking on natural search result pages. Although we can’t guarantee results on your site’s SEO beaucause of Search Engine secret on the way their algorythms really work, our past experiences have shown significant increases in traffic and rankings for most of the keywords we targeted. We offer analytics solutions to keep track of your traffic and be able to monitor the impact of your SEO and positioning campaigns at all times.



How did you find us on the internet?

90% of users go through search engines to reach the desired website, getting exposure on Google, MSN, Yahoo!, Ask or Baidu is a serious component of your online sucess. 


Internet marketing has been a very popular topic for a while now, but some customers still don’t understand what search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) are, and how are they related to marketing, at all. Basically, SEO and SEM are different components of Internet marketing allowing you to control how your website appears on search engines depending on the keywords searched by users. Search engines are the best online marketing tool to bring exposure and visibility to your web site.


SEO and SEM have their own characteristics and can be clearly separated. Mostly, SEO focuses on natural (organic) optimization of your ranking while SEM mainly resides in paid services to search engines such as sponsored links or advertising. As a part of marketing, seo is often wrongly considered as being exclusively a consulting service. At Davyin Internet Solutions, we believe good SEO can be achieved with high technical skills, hard work, and investment in our customers projects in order to understand the overall scope of their activities and bring them exposure and success. We are fully aware of the bad practices and the dangers of hiring the wrong web development firm to work on your site’s SEO (that can get you banned from search result pages, or at least not be effective at all). That’s why we make sure our customers know what to expect and what they pay for at all times.


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