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Get informed

Never miss out on important information, updates or new developments. Retrace past communication and view the complete history of every logged transaction.

The Group Dashboard: Monitor the progress of a project group

The dashboard is the heart of team collaboration and project management. It gives a comprehensive and
structured overview of the latest activities, comments and file uploads in your specific project group.
With only a few clicks, you can assign tasks, add various kinds of content, and even search for relevant
information. It is customizable for each group, thus ensuring optimal usability.


Contribute ideas

Just one click is needed to share files, ideas and results with others in your group.

Customize tools

 Should a project group need more specific tools than others, our intranet solution enables you to simply add the required tools.

Manage time

  Your intranet reminds you of every appointment and deadline set for your group. Check the calendars to find or add events or record time spent on a particular task by each member in the group.

Access files

Simply create a common knowledge base for your project group where you can
share documents and work on them together.

Case Tracker

Boost  efficiency

Easily find out who is working on a project, how it has advanced and what happened last.

The Case Tracker: Add content, assign tasks and always keep up-to-date

Your case tracker assists you in keeping an overview of all your tasks.
You can quickly see what others have contributed and enable others to see
your ideas and results. With the additional feature of sharing files and working
on them together, collaboration has never been easier.

Track information

Should you be unable to find the relevant information on your dashboard,
just use the search function. Our solution lets you categorize your content
in advance, so you can always provide as much information as necessary.


Keep track of tasks

Let your intranet help you organize your work and give you an instant overview of your tasks.


Create a knowledge base

Simply store documents and information for everyone to access whenever needed.

The Notebook: Create a knowledge base

The notebook is another feature to share information or files with your group.
Establish your own specific knowledge base for each of your projects.
Upload files, share insights, keep important notes and maintain clarity and order.



Communicate instantly

Our solution provides you with an easy-to-use, casual messaging tool to speed up communication and teamwork and keep everyone up-to-date on the latest happenings within the groups.

The Shoutbox: Ensure instant project communication

The shoutbox is an instant messaging tool that lets you communicate easily and quickly with the members
of your project group.


Foster creativity

Give your employees space to voice their ideas and show their creativity. The possibility to comment on blog entries supports teamwork.

The Blog: Encourage communication and creativity

Like a typical blog, this tool gives your team space to express their ideas in a more casual way.
The comment feature ensures productive discussions that can boost creativity.

Keep track

While exchanging ideas and communicating, our intranet solution enables you to keep track of the latest developments in your group.


Manage time

You can easily keep track of project deadlines, meetings and appointments. Even add links, files and other important information to prepare for events.

The Calendar: Manage projects and appointments

With this important feature you can ensure that each project member is informed about new deadlines
and remembers important events. Schedule meetings or set deadlines and your colleagues
will instantly be informed.



Organize your business

The intranet home page gives you a quick overview of each group and the latest company-related issues. The intranet home page gives you a quick orientation of the groups and the latest company-related issues.

The Group Feature: Manage your project groups

The group feature helps you organize and manage your staff. Control which areas of your intranet are public and
open to all of your staff and which are only accessible for a specific group. Our solution
enables you to create separate intranet areas with exclusive access that can be customized for each project group
according to the needs of the team. Here you can efficiently filter and store information that is specifically
relevant for a project. Hence, you have several micro-intranets for enhanced teamwork.

Manage project groups

Optimize your project work by appointing staff and be in full control of who receives access to a certain project group. Every department can have an exclusive workspace of its own.

Spread news

Give your departments communication channels and your staff a place to learn about the latest news.

Design your intranet

You can create unique dedicated micro-intranets also by using a different look and feel.

Organize events

The calendar can also be used company-wide as a simple way to inform your staff about general events.

Control access

Enhance the work of your departments by giving them dedicated work spaces. Hence, you can prevent non-related interferences that waste time.



Enhance your work

Due to the scalability and flexibility of our intranet platform every specific need can be covered and great solutions provided. Benefit from our technical and skilled team to receive a tailor-made business solution that exactly matches the requirements of your organization.

And More: Secure and safe, flexible, scalable and fully compatible

While your files, internal communication and project management are safe and secure, at the same time they are accessible from any place and anytime by registered and approved members.
Due to its flexibility and compatibility, your intranet works on every system, be it Windows, Mac or Linux.
  It is a comprehensive business solution and comes as a complete package of features that greatly enhance your work. However, should your business require more specific features, new and custom-made or more powerful than the ready-made tools, all of these can easily be added according to your needs.


Integrate new features

Should you need more specific tools, you can choose from a list of additional features or let us develop a tailor-made feature for you.