Web development

There’s more to building websites than just writing code or bringing nice pictures and graphics together. Working with Davyin Internet Solutions means you have a fully committed technology partner at your side with a complete expertise on the internet and online technologies. In addition to our commitment to development best practices, and Open Source technologies, we understand how to bring life to your ideas on the web through agile CSS, JavaScript and PHP development.


With a strong technical foundation, we focus on creating highly functional websites and web based applications for various types of needs. Ranging from corporate websites and simple content management systems (CMS) to complex Web 2.0 application portals using AJAX/Flash, and multilingual ecommerce systems with international payment solutions, we have covered a very wide scope of the functions the web has to offer.


Building online publishing platforms with mobile media content integration, custom APIs, file and video processing, survey and polls system as well as search engine optimization, we put at your disposal a full arsenal of functions to efficiently develop any project on the web. Throughout numerous experiences we were brought to working with start-ups, international corporations or small and medium businesses (restaurants, local businesses, etc…) all having different concerns and requirements. We’ve learnt to provide not only high quality coding but also advice and assistance in making the right implementation and development choices to bring concepts to reality, based on many constraints such as time, budget, technology, resources, etc…


Our value

Service first

Before anything, Davyin Internet Solutions is a service provider and commits to bringing the best quality of service. By leveraging the power of open source technologies, we build cost effective and sustainable IT solutions for our clients. Then, we ensure those solutions work perfectly and match all their expectations. We understand each organization is different and without the integration of software into your business processes, without training and support, code only has limited value.


Quality of service

Since we believe software itself can't solve all your problems on the internet, we give a great importance to the quality of service. Quality of coding is sometimes a critical factor for a web project to succeed, but software only has limited value without integration into your business model and appropriate training. We emphasize communication throughout the project and provide support to keep your system reliable and constantly adapting to the changes of your organization.


Communication: Project management cycle, workflow processes

As we believe a good communication and reactivity are essential to the success of a web development project, we created tools and processes allowing better assignment of tasks, and control over projects’ activity. Exploiting industry standard source code version control system, Subversion (SVN), we are not only able to manage large development teams working simultaneously on different parts of a project, it also allows us to be part of mainstream international web development practices.


Development team

More than just providing logs and detailed project’s history, having setup a centralized development environment enables our team of well trained professional developers to combine their skills and specialties in different fields of web development and achieve outstanding results.

Testing and quality control

Automated and manual testing is systematically carried on every web project we deliver to ensure software or website is up to the best international standards and works as expected according to its specifications.


Bug tracking and issue reporting system

In addition to bug tracking and issue reporting, we maintain constant communication with our customers throughout the whole project, to ensure every milestone is reached in a timely manner, and after the project with training, support and maintenance.


Our strong technical background, coming from traditional computer engineering, perfectly matches with our desire to take on programming challenges in a rapidly evolving environment such as the internet. Indeed, technologies updating at a fast pace, we keep close contact with the online developer’s community to be able to always provide the latest and most up-to-date applications. Whether using Javascript Jquery and Flash Action Script for complex interface design, or programming custom PHP Drupal applications for content management systems, we keep under the radar a rich variety of technologies and functionalities available on the web.



Drupal development and other Drupal services

For the many benefits of using Open Source, Davyin Internet Solutions has adopted the leading PHP library Drupal and offers comprehensive web development services based on Drupal. We have launched and maintain numerous websites built with Drupal, from multilingual corporate websites to ecommerce or Web 2.0 community portals, going through custom module programming or theming; we have found in Drupal a highly flexible tool to allow rapid and cost effective development of any website or web based application. Fully complying with Drupal’s API and script library does not only ensure the code we produce follows highly recognized international standards, it also enables us to completely understand Drupal’s contributed modules, themes or online code base.


Furthermore, tasks required to setup Drupal websites perfectly fit into the organization and distribution of skills within our teams and development processes, allowing us to be more efficient and provide high quality websites while staying very competitive on the international market. Whether choosing particular modules, modifying an existing installation or creating custom Drupal modules and themes, our team of specialists is at your disposal to fulfill any requirement.


Most importantly, Drupal’s great flexibility enables us to build solutions tailored to your needs and focus on understanding your web development strategy and business processes from a global perspective, which is perhaps what allows us to stand out in the web development industry.