Services & Products

Davyin takes technology as the core to provide you with products such as content management system, digital management system and site group application, while covering design, operation and maintenance, training and other aspects to achieve end-to-end service capabilities.


1. Drupal CMS

Drupal Content management platform is a widely recognized, excellent open source content management system, suitable for enterprise portals, university sites, government portals and other content-driven display websites. Drupal provides strong back-office support, a user-friendly interface, access to most of the world's languages, flexible permission control, and a configurable workflow engine. Its built-in SEO marketing tools make it easier to promote the brand image.

As a Drupal industry pioneer in China and an official Drupal certified service provider, we have been focusing on Drupal products for over 15 years. The Drupal content management system integrates a management system that is easy to classify, easy to query, and can be monitored. Drupal's flexibility can significantly reduce user learning costs, improve the efficiency of daily content publishing and management, and provide a great user experience.


We serve the high-end, customized needs of Fortune 500 companies and financial institutions based on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), providing unified digital solutions covering multiple countries and regions.

AEM is a powerful and comprehensive platform that integrates key functions such as content management, digital media management and marketing automation to provide enterprises with excellent content management solutions and support for a variety of different media distribution channels, such as portals, mobile apps and social media. Users get a consistent, great user experience regardless of the device or platform they use.

In addition, AEM's product system has powerful digital marketing tools to provide personalized content management and marketing experience, at the same time, integrated user behavior analysis and personalization engine and other functions to achieve personalized content display, provide targeted marketing strategies for different user groups, improve user engagement and conversion rate.

3. Site Factory

The website group management system is based on the construction of centralized management ideas, which can coordinate the management of multiple independent level or secondary sites, completely solve the problems of high management cost, long cycle, and hidden security risks of multi-site management, and solve the pain points of unable to uniformly manage each data content island.

The website group management system is triggered from the three aspects of management flexibility, security and scalability, supporting multi-site unified deployment, backup policy, multi-site synchronous development, test environment and production environment management, providing visual management panel and operation interface, to achieve powerful site and server security monitoring.

At the same time, we also support the expansion of functional applications for all sites within the cluster, such as convergence management portal, content security center, data aggregation center and website template marketplace.

4. E-Commerce

We provide you with a versatile, integrated ecommerce solution based on Drupal Commerce.

Support the integration of unique functional requirements and marketing tools for customized B2C, B2B and other e-commerce business scenarios.

Support the docking of mainstream payment platforms to achieve online order transactions.

5. Enterprise Application

We customize your internal applications according to your business scenario, such as enterprise training, testing, equipment and venue booking, enterprise resource management and AI application integration.

Provide complete solutions for enterprise digital and intelligent management, and implement development, operation and escort services.

So that the internal management of the enterprise tends to be informatization, improve the team collaboration experience.

6. Escort Service

We have a professional team to provide comprehensive website project escort services to ensure smooth experience during the operation of the website project.

We provide a unified service channel, expand the scope of services, to help you deal with a number of issues related to the website or application, such as server procurement and management, network and security policy configuration, domain name procurement and management, SSL authentication, filing assistance, etc., for you to reduce the cost of project implementation.