Government Solution


Government information construction is an important part of modernization. We provide the government with technical consulting services and mature solutions, including data processing and management systems, network information security strategies, communication solutions, website and application design and development, and user privacy protection strategies, to help government agencies achieve efficient, safe and convenient information construction.

Davyin uses Drupal platform to provide different scenarios for government agencies:

Site Factory Management System

It supports site visualization management, site static management, high availability management, site access encryption, high-performance architecture, development and testing management, continuous delivery.

Site construction system

It supports website component, visualize website construction method, website template market, site permission control, "three roles" management, log management, webpage tamper proof, website compatibility and open source and iterative website construction system.

Data sharing and exchange system

It supports data sharing and exchanging inside and outside of the site group.

Work Forum

It is used for information sharing and discussion within government agencies, to promote communication, learning and exchange among group workers, to accumulate knowledge, and to help each other in work. The classification function of the system is used to divide forum sections, distinguish business and department content, store data and support search in the site.

Duty Management System

Support online query of duty schedule and duty personnel information, so that relevant personnel can know the duty situation in real time, the administrator can carry out real-time maintenance of duty arrangement and personnel, generate electronic address book to submit to all departments.

Data analysis system

The system records website login, browsing, information release data, supports article word cloud analysis, records the data obtained from the data sharing system and outputs the statistical results in the form of charts.

Government Solution Features

Data center and exchange platform

Based on the interface provided by the data exchange platform, the organic combination of the data exchange platform and the business system is realized, and the automatic extraction, conversion, transmission, verification and audit of the data is realized by the unified data model, data quality standards and interface specifications, while supporting data synchronization and historical data migration and other services.

Localized server and software environment adaptation

Support domestic databases such as Dameng database and NTU General database, and support domestic servers such as Inspur.