Multi-channel consumer interaction has always been a difficult task, especially in building a customized personalized interface, providing a unified browsing experience while meeting the individual needs of consumers is a difficult task.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) bridges this gap. AEM can provide a unique digital management experience for enterprises and is widely used in a variety of content management scenarios, including product, service, organizational architecture management, and multinational business. In short, it delivers the right message to the right person at the right time.

Our Services

AEM Consultant

We provide professional AEM consulting services for enterprises, including business combing, technology implementation, experience design and other responsive complete solutions.

AEM Development

Fully based on AEM services, combined with customer specific business scenarios, customized landing customer needs, development of response platforms or systems.

AEM Integration

Through AEM services, integrating third-party systems such as enterprise CRM systems, enterprise SSO login, OA systems, ERP systems, etc., to expand system functions and help enterprises operate digital services.

AEM Hosting

We provide professional AEM hosting services, exclusive hosting service guarantee team, professional technical support for system stability, version detection and innovation, system fault detection and repair, and minute-level emergency response.

AEM Migration

We provide professional AEM solutions to migrate the existing websites and systems of enterprises from other management platforms to AEM platform, effectively retaining digital content, user data, URL structure, etc., effectively retaining old site assets and search ranking.

AEM Research & Training

Carry out technical research and analysis according to customer's business, provide corresponding technical evaluation and training.

AEM Partner

AEM official partner to provide quality AEM solutions.

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