Escort Service

We have a professional team to provide comprehensive website project escort services to ensure smooth experience during the operation of the website project.

Website/system Technical Support

Website/system software troubleshooting and repair

Drupal(Module) security update

Monthly/quarterly traffic statistics report

Technical consulting

Website/System Upgrade (billing on CR)

Server Operation and Maintenance

Backup strategy

Security upgrade of the server system

Server dynamic scaling

Routine inspection

System recovery

Network Operation and Maintenance

Website accelerates CDN deployment

Load balancing deployment

SSL certificate deployment and management

Network availability monitoring and warning

Domain name, IP, routing, etc

Response Time

Emergency < 1 Hour

Website/system inaccessible

Standard < 4 Hours

Subtle faults cause some functions to fail to operate normally

Regular < 24 Hours

Technical support requirements

Case Study UKCBC is a bespoke digital platform for DIT China. The platform provides content…