E-commerce Platform

To provide you with Drupal E-commerce solutions; Support B2C, B2B and other scenarios; Support mainstream payment platforms.

Features of Drupal E-Commerce

Efficient and Fast

Drupal makes your team more efficient as your project grows. Unique customer experiences, complex payment processes, and deep integration of payment and fulfillment providers are all within reach of merchants of any size.

High Adaptability

Perfectly model your content and product data models, including rich search interfaces and product pages. Drupal's excellent support for multiple languages makes it easy to quickly build localized e-commerce platforms and integrate with local platforms, including marketing, payments, and logistics. It is more convenient to store data locally to ensure data compliance and security.

Rapid Growth

Integrate the perfect marketing, payment and fulfillment tools to help you reach and serve a wider audience. In China, Davyin has developed various interfaces including Alipay, wechat, CDP, and marketing automation tools to help enterprises quickly build E-commerce platforms. With user experience as the core, it helps enterprises to analyze customer behavior, so as to enable the rapid growth of enterprise E-commerce business.

Long-term Development

Follow industry security standards and implement Drupal's own best practices with the goal of achieving a secure and reliable e-commerce platform.

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