E-commerce Platform

To provide you with Drupal E-commerce solutions; Support B2C, B2B and other scenarios; Support mainstream payment platforms.

Features of Drupal E-Commerce

Efficient and Fast

Drupal ecommerce solutions support the integration of third-party payment systems and logistics systems by default, regardless of scale, without having to start from scratch. As your business continues to grow, Drupal can help your team optimize ecommerce applications and provide a more efficient and iterative approach.

High Adaptability

Drupal can help you improve the data model of product content, including rich on-site search functions and layout design of product display pages, quickly build a localized e-commerce platform, and save marketing, payment, logistics and other data locally to ensure data compliance and security.

Rapid Growth

Drupal supports integration localization tools. Davyin Technology has realized various interfaces such as Alipay, Wechat, CDP, marketing automation tools, etc., to help enterprises quickly build e-commerce platforms, with user experience as the core, to help analyze customer behavior, facilitate transactions, and grow business.

Long-term Development

Davyin follows national and industry security standards and develops the best industry solutions based on Drupal to achieve safe, reliable and comfortable e-commerce.