We provide you with Drupal-based solutions to support enterprise, university, government and other business scenarios.

Government Solution

We have rich experience in government information construction projects, providing government agencies with data processing and management systems, network information security strategies, communication solutions, website and application design and development, user privacy protection strategies, etc., to help government agencies achieve efficient, safe and convenient information construction.

University Site Factory Solution

In the university information construction, we have more than ten years of project practice and experience accumulation, has formed a mature solution. We have cooperated with several well-known institutions of higher learning at home and abroad and international joint schools of higher learning for many information construction projects. Our services are based on the open source technology platform of Drupal to build efficient, reusable and scalable applications, including the design and development of the university's official website, the overall management of the website group management system of each department and department of the university, and the common campus service applications or micro-sites.

Enterprise Solution

We have long provided technical services and solutions for enterprise portals, helping companies improve website performance and security, enhance user interaction and personalization, optimize mobile adaptation, and integrate third-party system platforms. Through our technical support, companies can enhance their market competitiveness and provide better services to customers, suppliers and partners.