Enterprise Solution


Enterprise portal is an important channel for enterprises to communicate and exchange with the outside world, which plays a key role in the competitive business environment. Providing technical services and solutions for enterprise portal websites and enterprise applications can help enterprises improve website performance and security, enhance user interaction and personalized experience, optimize mobile adaptation and integrate third-party systems and platforms. By cooperating with technology service providers, enterprises can enhance their competitiveness and provide better services to customers, suppliers and partners.

Davyin uses the Drupal platform to provide enterprises with solutions for different scenarios:

Global Site Factory / Official Site

Help you harness the power of Drupal to manage hundreds of corporate portals and related business websites in multiple regions around the world, facilitating digital marketing and cross-border business development.


Based on Drupal Commerce to provide you with multi-functional integration system of e-commerce solutions.
Support B2C, B2B and other e-commerce business scenarios transaction function customization and marketing tool integration.
Support mainstream payment platform docking, realize online payment platform.

Enterprise Application

According to the enterprise application scenario, we customize the enterprise internal application for you, including enterprise training and examination application, equipment place reservation application, artificial intelligence application, etc.

Provide a complete solution for enterprise intelligent management, and implement to the development and services, so as to make the internal management of enterprises tend to informatization, improve the team collaboration experience.

Features of Enterprise Solution

User experience as the core

Through user experience research and analysis, Davyin designs digital products that meet user expectations and behavior habits for customers. Based on Drupal flexibility, Davyin brings different user experiences according to different regions, products and customer groups of the enterprise, and establishes user experience operation data for customers to improve user experience.

High adaptability and scalability

Druapl's high scalability can not only build official websites for enterprises, but also build various internal applications for enterprises. With Drupal's excellent support for multiple languages, you can quickly build a localization platform and integrate with local platforms, including marketing, payment, logistics, etc. It is more convenient to store data locally to ensure data compliance and security.


Rapid growth

Integrate the perfect marketing, payment, and fulfillment tools to help you engage and serve a wider audience. In China, Davyin has developed various interfaces including Alipay, wechat, CDP and marketing automation tools to help enterprises quickly build an e-commerce platform. Taking user experience as the core, it assists enterprises to analyze customer behavior, so as to enable the rapid growth of enterprise e-commerce business.


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