Enterprise Application

Drupal is an out-of-the-box web content management system and a customizable platform - helping businesses develop their own applications

Features of Enterprise Application

Highly Scalable

Drupal's high scalability allows it to manage some of the world's most visited websites (e.g., Weather.com, Grammy.com). Drupal allows these sites to sustain high traffic while keeping the site up to date.

Mobile First

Create a responsive website or App that delivers the best experience, no matter what device the user is using. Drupal fully supports a responsive design, ensuring that your users can seamlessly switch between different devices.

Application Intergration

Drupal can be very easy to integrate with various application systems, you can flexibly use and switch between various tools. Drupal's API design allows it to connect very closely with other sites, making the content even more powerful.


The Drupal community has countless developers working to keep Drupal sites secure. Your team works closely with the open source community to uncover security issues and submit fixes. Drupal's security team releases security updates as soon as they discover security issues

Easy-to-use Editor

Visualized editor, page layout tool, shortcut editor and a series of tools to make content editing easy to use. Work with workflow tools, administrator roles, and permissions to quickly customize your content publishing process.

Flexible Content Structure

Through the administrator background, you can flexibly customize the content structure to meet the needs of your business. With a range of tools to manage media assets (text, video, pdf, etc.), custom paths, cross-terminal displays, you name it.

Site Factory

On one platform, you can manage multiple sites, such as different departments, different brands, different regions, different activities and so on. It also enables fast content publishing and content deployment between sites.

Unlimited Business

Drupal does not determine your business; your business determines what Drupal provides. Most CMS systems will force you to do things their way. Drupal does the opposite: use Drupal to create solutions that the business needs.

Robust Technology Stack

Drupal runs on the modern LAMP stack: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. These combine to meet the need for a fast, flexible, and agile next-generation digital platform.


Drupal's structured data model allows you to adapt different layouts to display on different endpoints, and it can also be provided as a service (such as REST services). Drupal's architecture and API decouple content from channels: content can be delivered anywhere, in any channel, and in any format.

Knowledge Base & Expert

The global Drupal community shares experience and knowledge with each other. If you ask a question in the community, someone will answer it. Harness the power of open source to build fully functional solutions. Drupal developers can also get experience and help from the global community.


Multilingual support is in Drupal's DNA from the beginning. Drupal makes it easy to create and manage sites in different regions, countries, and languages, making it easy to translate and localize content.