Enterprise Application

Drupal is both an out-of-the-box content management platform and a customizable application development framework to help you develop your own applications.

Features of Enterprise Application

Highly scalable

Drupal's high scalability, security, and stability allow it to manage some of the world's most visited websites, such as Weather.com and Grammy.com. Drupal can be dynamically and continuously updated while supporting high traffic.

Mobile First

Drupal creates responsive websites and apps that support different platforms and devices to help you achieve comfortable experience. Drupal's native support for responsive design ensures that your customers maintain a uniform, streamlined experience across devices of different sizes.

Application Intergration

Drupal's API is designed to be highly flexible and can be easily integrated with a variety of external applications or marketing tools. You can change or add new external applications according to the needs of your business to continuously enhance your website or application.

Security and stability

The Drupal open source community has countless developers working around the clock to keep Drupal secure, and you can work closely with the open source community to identify security issues and submit fixes. Drupal's security team can always issue security updates as soon as security issues are discovered, ensuring the security of millions of websites around the world.

Content editing

Fully visual editing tools, page layout management tools, and shortcut editing tools make it easy to edit web content. With workflow tools, administrator roles, and detailed permissions, Drupal can quickly customize the content publishing process to meet your business needs.

Content structure

Administrators can flexibly customize new content structures in the background to meet the needs of your business growth, and with a series of media management tools, help you manage a series of resources such as graphics, videos, and PDF documents. Administrators can also customize the path of the web page, URL jump, content translation, specify the release time, and plan the display mode across terminal devices.

Site Factory

You only need to manage multiple sites on a single platform, such as independent sites for different departments, different businesses, different brands, different regions and different activities, to achieve fast content delivery and cross-site content push.

Unlimited Business

Drupal helps your business find the right solution, and its high scalability and flexibility allows you to create a solution that meets your business needs at any time.

Advanced technology

Drupal runs on top of the LAMP technology stack: Linux, Apache, MySQL/MariaDB and PHP. The integration of these applications can meet the needs of a new generation of digital platforms for fast, flexible and agile development.

Content as a service

Drupal's data model is highly structured and helps you develop customized layouts for your application to fit different end devices, as well as providing content interfaces as Services, such as REST Services. Drupal's architecture and API support decoupling of content and channel: Drupal output can be displayed in any application, in any channel, and in any format.

Knowledge base and community

Drupal developers work all over the world, sharing their real-world knowledge and experience in a virtual open source community. You can ask questions in the community and expect quick interaction and sharing from community users to work with you to find viable solutions. Drupal developers take a similar approach to acquiring new knowledge.


Natural support for multiple languages is in Drupal's DNA from the time it was born. Drupal makes it easy to create and manage sites for different regions, countries, and languages, making translation and localization a breeze.