Site Factory

Site factory is a collection of websites, hierarchical management, information sharing, single sign-on, site group to achieve unified technical standards, interoperability, cluster management, relatively consistent website operation and service specifications.

Site Factory

Operation is strongly dependent on technology, and the cost of system maintenance and upgrade is high

Web tampering, malicious blackmail, information leakage and other network security situation is serious

A large number of resources and applications have been accumulated, which cannot be unified and integrated, resulting in information islands and lack of effective sharing and management of information

Information cannot be updated in time

Private networks and public networks have different access speeds, which affect the efficiency of website operation

Drupal Site Factory

Combining with the development demand of informatization at the present stage, we study a set of site management solutions that meet the construction mode of colleges and universities

  • Open system
  • Flexible infrastructure
  • Easy deployment
  • Secure and reliable

Drupal Distribution

Relying on the excellent design of Drupal, you can quickly build a site based on the same set of code or the same library. At the same time, it also supports the customization of sub-sites flexibly, and can still maximize the reuse of basic functions while adding customized functions. Ensure the sustainable development of university portal website construction.

Site Factory based on Distributions

Visualized Management

Server resource management
Drupal site creation and import
Site one-click deployment, prevent misoperation

Multidimensional monitoring

Content monitoring, tamper-proof
Sensitive word monitoring and audit
Code monitoring, anti-Trojan
Drupal monitoring, anti-downtime

Static management

Static sites
Partial static
Static files compare
Site static specification

High Availability

Automatic backup
One-click site migration
One-click site recovery

All-round Security

Front page scanning, anti-phishing
File attachment scanning, antivirus
Drupal system scan, anti-injection
Scan the server system to prevent vulnerabilities

Site access encryption

Https Access Management
SSL certificate management
Let's Encrypt free certificate one click application, automatic renewal

App Market

Module unified control
Universal module reuse, such as single sign-on, full-text search wechat integration, etc
Universal theme skin, such as standard style, holiday style, etc
Common page components, such as header, footer, image carousel, etc

Site Opening Management

Site online application, open
Apply for and allocate server resources

Centralized Management of Administrators

Centralized management of site administrators
Administrators apply, review, and authorize

User Behavior Audit

Records user operations
Quick query and locate historical operations
Abnormal behavior alarm

Data Visualization

Data dashboard
Trend display

High-performance Architecture

Configure static cache and dynamic cache
Performance analysis report

Site Development Specification

Module usage specification
Topic usage specification
Code development specification

Development Test Management

Visually manage development and test environments
Multi-environment data one-click synchronization

Built-in Development Tools

Drupal Console

Containerized Management

Docker containerized management site
Provides elastic scalability, intelligent response to high concurrency scenarios

Apply DevOps to manage Drupal Clusters

DevOps Continuous Delivery

  • Automated continuous integration
  • Automated code scanning
  • Automated continuous testing
  • Automated continuous deployment

The Benefits of DevOps

  • Simplify site management
  • Accelerate site development
  • Accelerated site deployment
  • Accelerate site delivery